What’s better than a belly full of healthy tasty food? A little siesta! With all our tasty, recipes on offer we are sure you will be in a food coma quicker than that piñata being broken open!

It’s thought that if you took a walk through a spanish village mid afternoon, you’d notice something peculiar, most shops and businesses would be closed! Taking a little siesta is thought to improve productivity, and we couldn’t agree more. Soltoro has absorbed the mexican culture and brought a much needed gap in the market to Australia.

We’re not saying that a 3 hour nap is going to fit into everyones day to day schedule, but it’s important to take time out for yourself.

With all the planning and production of Soltoro we had to make sure we did it the right way, to bring you the very best mexican product on the market, and we’re sure we will open up a new way of cooking in your home.

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Remember you snooze you lose! Stock up now 😉