Soltoro Seasonings

Variety is the spice of life. Tried and tested on our Mexican amigos, our seasonings have brought flavours that have been missing in Australia. Sprinkle a little or sprinkle a lot, invest in a little zest! All products are made fresh in Australia, are gluten free and use as much local produce as possible.

Mild Taco Seasoning

Soltoro Taco seasoning reinvents the current idea of what tacos should taste like. Tried and tested by Mexicans, Soltoro Taco seasoning is taken from the street vendors of Mexico straight into your home.

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Hot Taco Seasoning

Like our Mild Taco, Hot Taco has been tried and tested over the years. With that real chilli heat, Soltoro Hot Taco seasoning brings real fire to your Tacos.

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Mild Fajita Seasoning

Soltoro Fajita seasonings are tried and tested on our Mexican friends and families. With their help, Soltoro have created the real taste of Mexico for the family.

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Hot Fajita Seasoning

Keeping to Soltoro’s amazing Mild Fajita beginnings, Hot Fajita brings that extra heat for those wanting to spice things up. Warm up your taste buds with this fiery little gem.

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Baja Seasoning

Baja seasoning is great with chicken or fish fillets but can also be used with pork and beef steaks. Different from your usual ‘chilli, coriander’ type seasoning. Baja is a new dimension in Mexican flavouring.

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Chipotle Seasoning

Soltoro’s Chipotle seasoning is our amazing mix of smoked chilli and mild spices. Totally unique and complex in its simplicity, this seasoning is great massaged into meats before cooking, sprinkled over roasted potatoes, or for making a great Mexican mayonnaise.

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