Soltoro Sauces

Saucy solutions for every night of the week. Entertaining, healthy and prepared in the comfort of your own home. What’s your flavour? All products are made fresh in Australia, are gluten free and use as much local produce as possible.

Mild Chilli Sauce

The first in the Soltoro range of chilli sauces. Not your usual chilli sauce. Made with Poblano chillis (capsicum), this sauce is rich and full of chilli flavour without the heat.

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Hot Chilli Sauce

Soltoro’s mid level chilli sauce. This hot sauce has the beginnings of heat, enough to let you know that there is a hint of heat but not hot enough to burn the plate.

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Fiery Chilli Sauce

Soltoro’s hottest chilli sauce. We created this sauce not with the intention to have the hottest sauce on the market, rather to create a sauce that has the great chilli taste and heat that leaves you with a pleasant warm full flavoured sensation in the mouth.

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Enchilada Sauce

Our Enchilada sauce brings a new dimension to Mexican food, adding a light smoky taste without any chilli heat. This is the 1st of our Mother – must have sauces in our range.

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Ranchero Sauce

Soltoro’s blend of tomatoes and jalapeños. We used the flavour of chilli but without the heat to give this sauce a light and tasty flavour. This is the 2nd of our Mother – must have sauces.

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