Start the kids young! Don’t let me ever hear you say… I’m bored!

Soltoro loves the concept of junior amigo’s getting amongst the action in the kitchen. Mexican, we think is one of the easiest meals to prepare and cook. With all the colours and tastes it’s a fantastic idea to also spend time with the kids, allowing them to feel like they have helped out mum and dad.

If it’s just preparing the food, or letting them choose what they feel like cooking, it’s about getting them involved. Kids need more hands on experience in life, and Soltoro believe that by introducing such easy to use Mexican flavours will entice little hands to get cooking! Yes we know there may be more mess, but it will be all worth it seeing the smile on their faces knowing they’ve helped in the kitchen.

Don’t make kids think that cooking is a chore. We are often brought up with the misconception that it’s just mum in the kitchen organising tea. Let’s spread the work-load and give our kids the chance to step in and help create! Teaching your kids to smell and taste from our range will naturally bring about a knowledge of how to cook. One day you might have your kids cooking for you!

Cooking is a life skill that should be taught at a young age. Wouldn’t it be nice seeing your kids go off into the big wide world equipped with healthy cooking skills. Go ahead, get the pots and pans out, head to the local store and gather up some Soltoro products and put it to the test today.