Homemade dips, speedy guacamole, stuffed jalepenos, corn tortillas, fish tacos, vegetable quesadillas, chicken enchiladas, or just a taco bar. First things first sort out your theme. Will it be a combination of everything or a bit of a taco bar event?

We love that seafood is now entering the world of Mexican cooking. Fresh grilled lime fish tacos are to die for. After a quick marinade in garlic and lime juice and a sprinkle of Soltoro, bass or cod fillets are seared on a hot grill.

Serve these tacos with some of our sauces and and your amigos will be delighted.

Don’t forget a little decorating sets the mood. Get googling on how to make hanging paper flowers, search those party shops for ribbon lanterns, and make that piñata so everyone can have a smashing time 😉

Soltoro brings back excitement to parties at home. Why leave the house when you can host the most innovative party for your friends. Why not even have a Mexican themed christmas?

Got any ideas you’d like to share? Tag #SoltoroFiesta to show us your celebrations.