With all the hype about gluten free it was essential to Soltoro to cater to the consumer’s needs.

Naturally, we were headed down the path of gluten free instinctively because our number one priority is quality of product. Awareness of the negative effects of gluten has increased in the past few years. Recent surveys show that one third of Australians are actively trying to eliminate gluten from their diet.

Here are six reasons that steered us in the direction of making Soltoro products gluten free.

1. Celiac disease is on the rise and most people remain undiagnosed.

Gluten consists of two proteins, gliadin and glutenin. It is the gliadin part that people have the negative reaction to. In celiac disease the immune system attacks an enzyme in the digestive tract. The immune reaction can cause degeneration of the intestinal wall.

2. Gluten Sensitivity.

You don’t need to have full blown celiac to have adverse reactions to gluten. Gluten sensitivity is much more common.

3. Many brain disorders are associated with gluten.

Even though gluten primarily works its magic in the gut, it can also have severe effects on the brain. Many cases of neurological illness may be caused by gluten consumption.

4. Wheat gluten may be addictive.

Getting unnatural cravings for things like bread or donuts is very common. Even though this is far from being proven, there are some studies that show gluten may be addictive.

5. Gluten is associated with autoimmune diseases.

There are many autoimmune diseases that affect various organ systems. All of them combined afflict about 3% of the population.

6. Our brand belief.

Having a chef in the family and suffering from some of the above, we want to bring not only the best Mexican products into the Australian market, but also the healthiest for you and your family. We can guarantee you will notice the difference in the quality of our range and are so excited to enter your kitchen and jump onto your plates!

Any more enquiries about what we are made up of simply read the label or feel free to contact our friendly team.